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Ashes in Print

Ashes to Ashes Archive

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  • ashes_in_print@livejournal.com
As a fan of the BBC series 'Life on Mars' I attempted to collect every bit of printed matter I could find.

I realised it might be fun to share my collection with other fans and so I created a journal with galleries of images called 'Life in Print'.
(Find it at http://life-in-print.livejournal.com/)

When 'Ashes to Ashes' came on to our screen - from the team behind Life on Mars - I opened this new journal, dedicated to news etc in mags, papers etc. Hopefully the gallery will rival that of its sister site!

I have tried to include, where possible, information relating to the publications from which all the images in this collection have been taken.

Please dont forget to comment...so I know that someone is visiting!

All articles, etc., should be treated as possible spoilers.


This site is proud to be part of the 'Nuit-Fantastique' Best of British TV, Film and Actors Webring.

Don't forget to visit my 'Life in Print' journal.

Life in Print