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The Finale Countdown

Posted on 2009.06.04 at 20:55
Surprisingly little to mark the end of series 2 which is a shame... But then we haven't had the crop of articles of past years over the last 8 weeks.
Anyway I have uploaded scans from Radio Times, TV Times, Whats on TV, TV and Satellite Week, TV Quick and


I have also uploaded a scan for LOM US to Life in Print...enjoy!

Better late than never...

Posted on 2009.05.28 at 22:15

I've moved again so my scanner has just been unpacked.
Only 2 scans this week - Radio Times and TV Times...

Oh Dear...

Posted on 2009.05.19 at 12:56

...Have the TV listings mags fallen out of love with Ashes?
Take a look at this weeks slim pickings from Radio Times, TV Times and WOTV to make your minds up.


I am Sparceicus...

Posted on 2009.05.12 at 20:03
Again a rather sparse week, just small bits from Radio Times, TV Times and WOTV.
Plus a quickie in the Misc. gallery about Marshall as 'Slug' in Corrie. Enjoy.


Remember the Galleries are friends only.

More scans

Posted on 2009.05.05 at 19:46
Just uploaded some small clippings from the Radio Times, TV Times, TV Easy, WOTV for the 11th May episode - not much around this week.

A lean week.

Posted on 2009.04.28 at 15:08
Not much in the TV mags this week - in fact all I have for you comes from Radio Times and TV Times.

There is a fun article on a small brown superstar making a notable appearance in next weeks Ashes from RT,
otherwise just the days highlights and listings. 

There is a note on Keeley Hawes' next project in the Miscellaneous Gallery
and a new image/subgallery for the Non-Ashes Philip Glenister Gallery. 

Just to explain...

Posted on 2009.04.25 at 16:04
As you know, the Galleries are now Friends Only. This means that to access them you need to be a LiveJournal User and 'Friend' me. Once you have 'Friended' me and I have made sure you are not a computer - random spoof users have been generated on LJ for a few weeks now - I will Friend you back which allows you to see the Galleries.

I am not on LJ very much (only really when I upload or post) as I am a busy bunny, fundraising most of the time. This means you may have to wait a few days before I get around to Friending you, especially now that I will be out Fundraising at weekends. I appreciate your patience guys.

Edit: (I will not Friend anyone who has no journal entries/user info on their journal - a cannot tell a spoof user from a real person if there are no details on a journal!)

We 'heart' 1982

Posted on 2009.04.21 at 14:32

I have just uploaded scans for 27th April Ep of A2A from the Radio Times, TV Times, Whats on TV, plus the SFX interview and a DVD review for Phils other series in the Demons gallery.

(now Friends Only - see post below)

Please remember that all material on this journal should be viewed as spoilers.

Galleries are now Friends Only

Posted on 2009.04.18 at 13:33

I have decided that the Galleries on both journals,
(Ashes-in-Print and Life-in-Print) will now be friends only.

This is because I should like to see who is accessing the site, 
plus, despite asking for comments on posts, I often get none -
so I dont know if anyone is using it!

'Friend me' and you will be able to access the Galleries as before.

Guess whos scanner is taking a battering...

Posted on 2009.04.15 at 13:32
Current Mood: crazycrazy

Yes, my poor scanner is gearing up for a good deal of work over the next few weeks just for you.

I have just uploaded scans from the Radio Times, TV Times, TV Choice, TV & Satellite Week, Whats on TV, TV Quick, Total TV Guide, and The Stage for the new series. Find the piccies in their galleries.

(now Friends Only)

Please remember that all material on this journal should be viewed as spoilers.

Please enjoy the piccies and remember that I love comments
- let me know you are all still out there!

Psst... Over at Life in Print - a new little scan that says so much, regarding a certain Timelord and his nemesis has been hidden in the John Simm Doctor Who gallery...look if you dare

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