December 3rd, 2008

Tony Jordan talks Life on Mars on 'Screenwipe'

Can I draw your attention to a great programme broadcast on BBC4 this week and still available on the BBC iPlayer. Not only are there mentions of Life on Mars from contributor Tony Jordan (who mostly refers to his EastEnders work), but Doctor Who, Torchwood and Queer as Folk from Russell T Davies, Paul Abbott on State of Play and Shameless and Father Ted and the IT show from Graham Linehan. It is a good watch for anyone itching to get into writing, discussing the pitfalls of the blank page, rewrites, the process each writer goes through, need I say more.

Charlie Brooker's Screenwipe Writers Special. (50mins available until 11.20pm Tues 9th Dec)

'In a writers' special, Brooker is joined by some of the best in the business to talk about how you make a TV programme actually happen. The people and pens behind Doctor Who, Father Ted, Peep Show, Life on Mars, Shameless and many more lead us through the joys and pitfalls of writing, with the added benefit of some of the best bits from the programmes.' (from iPlayer)
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