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Galleries are now Friends Only

Posted on 2009.04.18 at 13:33

I have decided that the Galleries on both journals,
(Ashes-in-Print and Life-in-Print) will now be friends only.

This is because I should like to see who is accessing the site, 
plus, despite asking for comments on posts, I often get none -
so I dont know if anyone is using it!

'Friend me' and you will be able to access the Galleries as before.


(Anonymous) at 2009-04-24 14:50 (UTC) (Link)

Viewing the Galleries

Hello :) i would really like to see the ashes to ashes print gallery for my media studies AS but was not sure how to 'friend you'... how can i acess the print? Thanks :).
(Anonymous) at 2009-04-24 15:05 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Viewing the Galleries

You need to be a LiveJournal user to 'Friend' me.
hazz_xx at 2009-04-25 14:03 (UTC) (Link)
i've added you as a friend so does that mean when you accept i will be able to view the gallery??
ashes_in_print at 2009-04-25 15:03 (UTC) (Link)
Hello, yes once you have 'Friended' me and I have made sure you are not a computer - random spoof users have been generated on LJ for a few weeks now - I will Friend you back which allows you to see the Galleries. I am not on LJ very much (only really when I upload or post) as I am a busy bunny, fundraising most of the time.
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