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I have uploaded 13 scans to the 'Other Mags (papers)' gallery. Included are articles etc., from Daily Express, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror, Guardian TV & Radio, Sun TV Mag, Telegraph Saturday, Times Playlist.

I have just uploaded proper scans of those articles and pieces which I had to take digital photos of during the past few weeks, as promised.

Oh no, don't say it's true...

A bumper crop from the mags this week (again all photographed until I can get my hands on a scanner to redo the last three weeks worth of images.).
I am surprised and sad to say that neither the Radio Times or TV Times have made much of the finale. (Apart from Alison Graham, in RT, who 'mourns the passing of a camel-coated titan'). However apart from their articles we have pieces from TV Quick, including a PG interview, the front cover of Total TV Guide with an article 'Dust to Dust', WOTV with a small article 'Alex Learns the Truth', a couple of pics from TV Choice, a TV and Satellite Week article 'Goodbye to Gene'. All have been uploaded to the appropriate galleries.

Dont forget that there are bound to be spoilers galore in these have been warned!


So this is it. The end of an era. I will of course be adding to the Galleries of both Life in Print and Ashes in Print as and when new bits and pieces appear in print. With the move of many magazines to online/PDF only versions, such as Dreamwatch, Starburst, TV Zone, Cult Times, and the disappearance of others like DeathRay and The Works, over the past couple of years, articles are becoming few and far between. However, SFX is still here, plus a couple of newcomers like Sci Fi Now, so perhaps we will be able to celebrate retrospective articles on Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes in the future.

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Hello again. I still have no scanner so the trusty digital camera and my shaky hands will have to do for now. (I hope to be able to scan all the articles I am taking photos of as soon as I can) 
I have uploaded a couple if pages from SFX Spoiler Zone covering episodes 1 to 3 of the current series, plus the usual from Radio Times, TV Times and WOTV.


(Dont forget comments are always welcome.)

Doing the best I can...

I find myself without a scanner this week. However, to stop you from being deprived of your weekly fix I have taken photos of the articles I have found and uploaded them. They are not the best I'm afraid...shaky hands, etc., have seen to that, but hopefully you can still read them and I will reload them once I have the scanner back.

Not much again this week. An article in WOTV, the usual from Radio Times and TV Times. Enjoy!